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Web3, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence consulting services.

Today's Emerging Technologies

Understanding how emerging technologies can influence your business is like possessing a superpower. Knowledge is power, and harnessing it effectively can provide extraordinary leverage.

Web3, machine learning and AI offer strategic advantages mature enough to effectively apply in business. These technologies create the potential to provide new solutions to old problems, streamline operations, and boost profitability, all while allowing for risk management strategies that protect against potential pitfalls.

Crypto & Web3

Web3 revolutionizes the way we interact and transact online. From decentralized finance (DeFi) that offers borderless financial services to the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that revolutionize digital ownership and art, web3 has the potential to disrupt and reshape every industry.

Leverage our in-depth expertise and connections at the biggest crypto exchanges and DeFi protocols to leap ahead of the competition.

AI & Machine Learning

Ever since ChatGPT rose to prominence in early 2023, AI’s power is undeniable. Chatbots are only the tip of a vast and never-ending iceberg. Businesses can leverage AI-powered sentiment analysis to understand their customers’ feelings about new products. Coupled with trend analysis, companies can anticipate what will become popular before the trend fully takes off, or comprehend what pain points their customers are facing.

Our Services

Digital Asset Management

Proper wallet management is essential to safeguard your crypto assets. PB&J Consulting customize and develop a robust governance solution to ensure your tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets are secured and permissioned.

Token Design & Architecture

Creating a successful token requires strategic design and architecture. We help you devise a blueprint for your token, focusing on utility, integration, and value creation that aligns with your business objectives.

Online Video & Text Sentiment Analysis

PB&J Consulting offers advanced sentiment analysis services, leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to discern customer emotions, enhance engagement, and drive strategic business decisions.

Real-Time Automated Analysis

PB&J Consulting provides robust real-time data analytics services, utilizing diverse data sources to support projects in national security, financial transaction monitoring, cross-border forensic investigations, and proactive risk management, enhancing safety, efficiency, and decision-making.

Why PB&J?

We’re more than just your typical consulting agency. We want to be your partners. To ensure the success of your project, our incentives will be aligned with yours. PB&J fosters long-term cooperations with its clients, and will get deep in the trenches with you.

We’re so much more than consulting.


Illuminate the path for businesses venturing into the Web3, machine learning and AI world.


Deliver tailored Web3, machine learning and AI solutions that align with individual business objectives and market trends, enabling clients to thrive in the evolving digital ecosystem.


Transform the way businesses operate in the digital age, leveraging Web3, machine learning and AI possibilities to drive efficiency and successful outcomes.

The Team

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